The lights of the night

The nocturnal atmospheres always arouse a magical effect, full of emotions. Photography of this kind offers innumerable insights into and out of the city precisely because of the lights of the night.
The long shots allow you to capture all the expressions of light, obtaining beautiful images with special effects of great effect.
It is wonderful to be able to dedicate time to this type of photography, which always launches signals and radiant scenarios even if performed in the dark of night.
The contrast between light and shadow is truly spectacular.
The lights of the cars create these bright paths that trace their trajectory. Ports, streets, historic centers but also the interior lights of a room or the moon create something extraordinary, especially when seen in a photo shoot.
It is such a particular scenario that of the lights of the night that stimulates the imagination of the photographer alone, immediately find the inspiration and the right inspiration. Just turn around to see an evocative detail that captures the attention.
It seems that it is the same night with its effects to post-produce the photo. The paths of the lights are the colors, the fantasies, the creativity and the madness of these shots.

Simply place the reflection on a stable stand, tripod or shelf and operate the self-timer to avoid vibrations. Remote control of the shot with a remote control or a mobile phone is also very useful.
Particular is also the shadow effect that is obtained on people in motion, which can also be noticed the few shots made on the People page.
If you want to deepen this experience you will find a link to see more photos on Shutterstock.
The lights of the night await you on this page !!

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