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Admire nature, parks and panoramas in mountain at the sea and in the countryside

In this page of the site you will find photos of nature, parks and panoramas on the Alps, sea and countryside performed in recent years.
View the outdoors nature parks panoramas on Alps, sea and country.
They are photos mainly made in Italy, outdoors in the middle of nature in some parks.
The rivers and their natural parks, the Italian coasts and above all the Alps have a unique and unmistakable charm.
The first shots taken at the beginning of this passion for photography were those of landscapes visited during the holidays or trips out of town.
Waiting for the right moment to take pictures with the most suggestive lighting conditions becomes even more pleasant in front of the spectacle offered by nature.
The courses of the canal and the canals, of the rivers Adda, Ticino and many others have inspired many of these shots, as well as the Alpine panorama.
They also expect many hours to have the opportunity to photograph animals and inhabitants of the woods.
Imagine the sounds, the aromas and the atmosphere lived in those moments that pushed me to photograph what appeared before my eyes. Here’s what nature, parks and landscapes try to convey in these photos. All the emotions of the moment also linked to colors, weather conditions and the tranquility of outdoor images.
Too often we do not notice the spectacle that nature offers us in every corner, in every moment. These photos tell of extraordinary situations that we can find even a short distance from the door of our house. Situations that we must seize to get closer to nature and its greatness in every season.

Good vision!!

The views that you can discover even near your daily life